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whoa, its been a while since I've shared some icons! School and icontests have been distracting me XD Lots of the icons here are from icontests i joined. Can you spot them? heh Enjoy the new batch! :)

[x8] Arashi
[x6] NEWS/Kanjani8
[x7] KAT-TUN
[x7] Yui Aragaki
[x7] Other Female Celebrities (Inoue Mao, Miyazaki Aoi, Otsuka Ai, Kitade Nana)
[x3] Jdramas


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dorky fun - ai otsuka & hiroki narimiya

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I'm finally back from my wallpaper block. I haven't made a wall since mid-2006 @_@; I must try harder! XD Anyways, I present you with walls of....

x1 Hiroki Narimiya
x1 Shigeaki Kato
x1 Ryo Nishikido

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dorky fun - ai otsuka & hiroki narimiya

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I just signed up for Livejournal today, and look at me. Going insane over it XD (well to me it seems). I've been in the "icon-making" mood a lot lately, and eversince I joined je_icons, I've been obsessing over making them. Haha~ Check out my other post to see the awesomeness (is that word?) of the icons I made >3 Anyways, thats bout it. I'm tired for some reason, so I'm gonna go to bed. xP 

Oh yeah, I've been tagged by


Just for the heck of it, here ya go Misha <3

-Post a list of 10 strange facts or habits about yourself.
-Then tag 10 people from your friends list to do this meme themselves. [sry hun, im not going too.]

1. when I walk fast, I suddenly stop for no reason. Bad habit, I guess? XD
2. I make weird noises (like kya, waoh, etc)  when I see something I really like. For example, when I see hot pictures of NEWS in my magazines <3
3. my computer chair is an exercising ball, hehe.
4. I give my brother "leg squeezes" when he annoys me~
5. I love to sing japanese songs around the house, annoying all my family members since they don't understand what I'm singing(mwahaha)
6. I always start anime/jdrama, but never usually finish them until a month or more later
7. Everyday @ school, me and my tall friend have this connection where I kick her on her knee joints xD
8. I'm late for everything I do, except when it comes to school.
9. When I greet friends, I either cover their eyes or ears, or kick them if they're tall >=3
10. I enjoy folding towels. LOL~


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