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[Review] C-ute - Forever Love

C-ute's previous hit singles, Tokkaiko Junjo & Namida no Iro, really got me hooked into H!P for a while. The dance shots were awesome, and the songs were always on repeat for me. Forever Love, on the other hand...

... didn't get me addicted to the song like the other singles. I love the first part of the song, where it leaves a "cool" vibe with a really good beat. Especially the first part where there's no vocals. ♥ But once it got to the chorus, it went downhill from there. The chorus doesn't match the rest of the song's "cool" vibe. It's bouncy and cute with lots of I love you 's . It sounds so out of place. I'm glad that each member got at least one solo line though. I was hoping for a more even line distribution, with less Airi & Maimi and more of the other members. Edo no Temari Uta II tricked us all!

The dance is too awesome. I love the dance part where its just music. The way C-ute dances with such sharpness makes the simple dance moves look complicated. I love how the dance/music is fast-paced. C-ute definitely get the better routines out of H!P.

The suits is a fresh idea, much better than those fluffy dresses. (Like in LALALA. Horrible horrible things..) It makes them look so cool XD The other set of outfits are pretty nice. Airi shouldn't be wearing that jacket. It doesn't match with the other girls at all! And Kanna needs to take off the scarf. She's wearing too much clothing, its gonna swallow her up. I really like what Maimi's wearing. Its pretty.

And so is Erika's hair. Saki looks GORGEOUS with her long hair. Especially her closeup. Poor Mai looks tired, with puffy eyes.

Chisato's hair.... O_O
I like how its longer, but not flippy-outie like this! It looks better when its wavy ._.;

Overall, the PV & song is okay. I think I enjoy watching the PV more than listening to the song. That chorus is annoying me too much DX

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