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I'm always looking forward to meeting new friends! :) Just tell me a little about yourself and have similar interests as me (hint hint: iconing, Johnny's Entertainment, anything Japanese, NEWS♥ XD) I won't comment on every blog entry, but most likely I would've read it. Sometimes I'm just lazy when it comes to commenting., hehe. Comment to be added!

If you're looking for my icons, check out anotoki.
dorky fun - ai otsuka & hiroki narimiya

Photoshop messed.

My adobe photoshop is messed up -_-; It opens, but once it completely loads it disappears. Noooo! I can't icon-ate until i figure out how to fix this. Any ideas to fix it?

Oh poo.
dorky fun - ai otsuka & hiroki narimiya

pokemon FTW!

thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday! I'm officially old now. :) I'm legal to get my license now! At least my Learners :D

these are AWESOME.

found it here , its some japanese website. The drawings are ♥!

dorky fun - ai otsuka & hiroki narimiya

Happy Birthday Pi!

(in Japan's time)

I'm sure you guys all heard about the "Yamashita Tomohisa raped by Korean fans" article, if not, its here. Poor Pi, gets MOBBED by fans before his birthday :(

I laughed SO HARD when I read this article though. Like what I said with huyoumandu  , I can totally imagine fangirls trying to rip off a piece of his shirt as a souvenir. I wonder if some got to his pants and shoes too LOL.

And another article popped up about Yamapi's bag being stolen, read here (in japanese). First his clothes are stolen, then his bag. What next? strands of his hair? :O